As an older woman who never had the opportunity to take tap dance, but always loved it, I appreciated Beth right away. She’s encouraging, supportive, challenging, fun, and……I’m learning how to tap dance. Repetition is the key word, also practice. I’m going to do it forever. —LOUISE

I have taken tap from Beth Ellis-Dickson through Albany Parks & Recreation and I recommend her classes without qualification.  Dancers of all levels, first timers (like myself) to experienced tappers, are all made to feel comfortable and confident.  I was surprised and pleased to find myself dancing – actually dancing – at my very first lesson.  And under her kind guidance, I continued to dance and gain confidence at each subsequent session.  Beth choreographs original dance routines which are incredibly fun and wonderfully challenging.  She also makes sure that no one is left behind and that all feel absolutely successful throughout the process.  I’m actually on my way to a class now. . .and I definitely don’t want to miss a moment! —DIANE

Beth’s Beginning Adult Tap class was pure fun!  She introduced basic steps and techniques, emphasizing hearing and feeling rhythm.  Her ability to create  combos for every level eased our inhibitions and made for a fun, bonded group of dancers.  She was willing to work with individuals after class too, as I became obsessed with time steps;-).  She’s an accessible and passionate teacher. —EMILY

Beth’s tap dance class was the highlight of my week! She taught us technique, basic steps, the “vocabulary” of tap as a part of each class. This was a different experience from other classes I’d taken. Each class ended with a fun (and often fast!) routine that each of us looked forward to mastering. Beth took a group of novices, taught us and made us want to practice and in the end we actually looked pretty professional! Oh, and did I mention that she has SOOOO much patience? —ADRIANNE